landscape design

Our Designers

Royal Gardens Landscape Designers take great pride in offering personalized and creative landscape design.
By actively listening to our client’s needs and desires, In Johnsburg, IL, our landscape designers can create plans that are not only well thought out but also incorporate elements that bring joy and beauty throughout the seasons and years.

Backyard Landscape Ideas

Backyard Landscape plantings featuring, hardy, colorful, and low maintenance, bring a smile to everyone’s face. Walking past or sitting in your garden, enjoying the beautiful fragrance, texture, and endless colors lowers stress and brings peace to your soul.
Aerial view of a backyard with a patio, lawn, and garden.
Colorful flowers and bushes in front of a house.


To qualify as soft-scaped, an object has to be a plant. It does not have to be soft to the touch, although this will sometimes be the case. For example, the silver foliage of the perennial plant lambs’ ears is velvety soft to the touch. Softscapes from a landscaper’s point of view are any living plant


Hardscapes refer to any surface such as brick paving, stamped concrete, decorative gravel areas
Walkways, patios driveways all add to the landscape experience as a base or foundation. soften this up with plantings and Softscapes and your dream becomes a reality
A brick patio with a pergola, fireplace, and seating area.
A sketch of a garden plan with a house.

Step 1 In Your Landscape Design

When your landscape dream goes on a napkin, paper sketch or a CAD program. This is where your dream starts to become real.