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Weekly Mowing Service Includes

Professional Lawn Mowing

  • Weekly mowing to a uniform height of 3-3.5 inches
  • Alternating mowing directions weekly for the professional appearance.
  • Collection of clippings in small lawns

Professional String Trimming

  • String trimming of planting beds for a crisp edge.
  • Edging of all paved surfaces sidewalks, driveways and patios.
  • String trimming of all vertical posts and objects.

Professional Details

  • Spraying of unwanted weeds in planting beds for that manicured look.
  • Spraying of weeds in cracks in paved surfaces
  • Blowing off all debris from sidewalks, patios, decks driveways and street curbs
  • Closing of gate before we leave.



  • All English Speaking Office Staff
  • Office support during working hours
  • Invoices sent out electronically
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