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Spring Grove IL, Snowplowing

The easiest way to shovel the driveway!

Stay dry, warm and cozy in the house. We will take care of the driveway!

snow plowing royal gardens landscaping

  • Royal Gardens Snowplowing in Spring Grove IL, Has 25 years of plowing experience. We plow it right the first time, every time. We have smaller routes per truck to give you better service.
  • Our goal is to have each and every driveway plowed before 6 AM around the time you leave for work, and 6 PM around the time you will come home. Depending on when the snow event has begun.
  • For extended snow events lasting more than 8 hours. Our crew will return to you property about every 6 hours until the snow event has ended.
  • Having a clear driveway has never been easier!


Space is limited on our routes so please call or email as quickly as possible to get on our route before we are booked up.

For an estimate on plowing your driveway or commercial parking lot.

CALL TODAY  815 648 1400