Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control

All lawns in the Lindenhurst area have have a basic need for proper lawn fertilizing and weed control. Royal Gardens lawn fertilizer treatments are just what your lawn needs to be lush and weed free. With our organic based lawn fertilizing program each application is spaced out evenly throughout the growing season.  While at your property our technicians will spot treat any weeds visible in your lawn free, When you sign up for any of our full season programs.

Lindenhurst Lawn Care Education

The weather will have the largest impact on the quality of your lawn. We work with the weather by choosing the right type and amount of lawn fertilizer your lawn needs to look its best. By utilizing slow release fertilizers and environmentally sound weed control measures, Royal Gardens Lawn Care can help all cool season lawns thicken up quickly. Many people like a nice short lawn. But the real truth is a thick lawn mowed at 3 1/2 inches can resist weeds naturally better. Thin lawns mowed shorter than 3 1/2 inches dry put quickly, leaving bare open areas for weed seeds to take hold. You will probably have the biggest impact on the health of your turf. How can that be? The answer is good lawn care practices, but how do you learn these? As part of our service, we educate you how to maintain your lawn properly to maximize its health and appearance.

Royal Gardens technicians are State licensed, Certified Pesticide Applicators and have over 10 years of experience treating residential Chicago land lawns. In addition attend lawn care educational events in and out of state. We are active members of several lawn care and landscaping associations. This way our knowledge can easily be shared with all of our clients to help your lawn look its best.

For 25 years Royal Gardens Lawn fertilizing and Landscaping has been greening lawns and landscapes throughout the suburb of Lindenhurst. Thousands of homeowners have been impressed by our results. Why wait any longer for a great yard?

6 Step

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  • Our basic program
  • 14 Point lawn analysis
  • Six month crabgrass prevention
  • 6 organic based fertilizer applications
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Unlimited service calls in between visits
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$ 39951st App
  • Our Better Program
  • 14 Point lawn analysis
  • Six month crabgrass prevention
  • 6 organic based fertilizer applications
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Unlimited service calls in between visits
  • Includes Season Long Grub Control
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8 Step

$ 39951st App
  • Our Best Program
  • 14 Point lawn analysis
  • Six month crabgrass prevention
  • 6 organic based fertilizer applications
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Unlimited service calls in between visits
  • Includes Season Long Grub Control
  • Includes One Aeration
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What Our Clients Say:

  • Priced to fit your budget.
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  • 25 Years of lawn care experience.
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Thanks for getting rid of the weeds and thickening up the lawn so quickly. We are very happy with your service.
Dave A., Ingleside IL
I have been a customer for ten years and really love the crew that takes care of my yard. They are so nice, and do a great job. Please pass this note on to them.
Peggy N., Arlington Heights IL
The plantings we did last month look awesome. I am getting so many compliments from my neighbors. I just wanted to say your install crew was very neat and professional. Thank you.
Richard L., Arlington Heights IL
Thanks for another great season. Love your service. Your men did a great fall clean up. Please sign me up for next year.
Mike H., Barrington IL
Thank you for taking care of our yard this year. Our yard has never looked this good so fast. I have 2 neighbors that want to sign up for next year.
Jessica B., Lake In the Hills

How to have a great lawn!

Caring for lawns in Lindenhurst and surrounding cities lawns are made up of a blend of cool season grasses. The most common lawns are Kentucky Blue Grass, fine fescue and rye grass the following practices along with Royal Gardens high quality lawn fertilizing program will ensure the best possible lawn:

1) Mow high – 3 1/2 inches or higher The taller the cut, the healthier the lawn. There is a huge correlation between the height of the grass and the depth of the roots, the higher you mow the deeper the roots will grow.

2) Don’t remove more than 1/3rd of the grass height in a single mow. It will shock the plant and slow its growth. In the spring this may need to be done due to your schedule. Once or twice will not damage your lawn but try to stay on a schedule that your lawn needs.

3) Mulch your clippings. This will conserve nutrients, reduce thatch, and save time and money in the process. Grass clippings are 95% water, decompose quickly and do not cause thatch. You will have a greener, thicker, weed resistant lawn using less fertilizer and save on watering. Since mulching promotes natural biological activity due to the increased organic matter, your lawn will be the best on the block. By not bagging your clippings, you will save time, money and aggravation and help your lawn.

4) Water 1 1/2″ every week. When Mother Nature doesn’t April, May and sometimes June, normally has plenty of rainfall but in July and August she needs a little help. Watering during the hot months will keep your lawn healthy and green. Be sure to water only in the morning if possible or once dew has accumulated on the lawn. In the late evening your lawn can be watered without concern about fungus problems (only after the dew has settled on your lawn).

5) Keep your blade sharp! A sharp blade helps keep your lawn from drying out and makes it more disease resistant.

6) Core aerating of your lawn in the spring or fall will reduce compaction and thatch. Royal Gardens Lawn Care provides this service if you don’t want to do it.

7) Alternate you’re mowing patterns each time you mow the lawn, this prevents compaction from the tires and prevents traffic wear patterns.

8) A high quality lawn fertilizing and weed control program from Royal Gardens Landscaping

These are all things you can do to really improve your lawn. The most important and easiest way to improve your lawn is to call Royal Gardens Landscaping and lawn care to take care of your lawn this season. We apply the correct fertilizers at the correct time of the season to ensure your lawn looks its best. With our lawn mowing division we can even come and mow your lawn weekly as well.

For the Best Lindenhurst Lawn

Three things are always needed for a beautiful weed free lawn.

1 Good weather, Sunshine, warm weather, sufficient soil moisture

2 Proper mowing techniques, Mow lawns at 3.5 inches tall

3 A high quality fertilization and free weed control service from Royal Gardens Lawn Care.

Common Lawn Fertilizing Questions and Answers.

Q. Can I only have 1 application

A. We have had many people ask for one or two applications only, please keep this in mind. With any fertilizer application from us or anyone else. Slow release fertilizers only last about 5-6 weeks. Even feeding throughout the season is required to have a lush, green, lawn. We spot treat weeds free on each fertilizer visit to keep your lawn weed free all season long.

Q. I fertilized my lawn but I still have weeds

A. Fertilizers help all plants including weeds to green up and grow. Fertilizers do not kill weeds. With our lawn fertilizing program we spot treat visible weeds free.

Q. I only want a weed control treatment, Will my lawn green up?

A.Weed control applications do not green up your lawn, or kill your lawn. Weed control applications have no effect on grass what so ever, This only controls broad leaf weeds.

Q. I aerated my lawn but it still has weeds and is not looking very good.

A. Aeration will not control weeds or green up your lawn. Aeration only controls thatch. With a lawn fertilizing program from Royal Gardens Landscaping your lawn will look great and not have any weeds.

We provide all the services you need to have the best lawn and landscaping possible. This saves you time money and aggravation. We are experts in lawn fertilizing and landscaping. For 25 years, Royal Gardens Landscaping and lawn Care has providing lawn fertilizing and landscaping services in your neighborhood. Call us today; see for yourself how simple and easy it is to have a great lawn and landscape this year.

Royal Gardens Landscaping and lawn fertilizing offers more than just lawn care. Royal Gardens Landscaping has three independent divisions. Lawn fertilizing Services, Weekly lawn mowing, a full landscape design and installation service. Why deal with 2 or 3 different companies when one call can do it all.

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