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Brick Paving Repair

Royal Gardens Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that specializes in fixing and installing paver patios and retaining walls. Whether you’re experiencing minor or major issues with your patio or retaining wall, or if you need a completely new installation, their knowledgeable team can assist you.

Retaining Wall Repair

The crews at Royal Gardens Landscaping are experienced in working with various hardscape companies and materials, including Unilock, Belgard, High Format, and others. This means they have the expertise to handle different types of projects and can work with a wide range of materials to achieve your desired outcome.

Retaining Wall Repair

Brick Paver Sealer

Bring back the color and luster with the cleaning and sealing of your brick pavers. With a simple pressure washing and sealing service from Royal Gardens Landscaping. Bring your paver sidewalks, patios, and driveway back to almost new condition.

Brick paver cleaning and sealing
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